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Who are Exel Contracts?

A Company that has been established for 30 years we've been doing what matters most to you - getting jobs done in budget and on time.

We care passionately about our environment, we are conscious that we all need to save energy, we therefore source all energy efficient materials and provide to you alternative methods of saving energy or ways to cut down on your carbon footprint.

We take care of the vital health and safety assessments, organise our fully trained and insured personnel and leave you to look at a job well done.

 We offer both maintenance and refurbishment services.

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Exel Contracts LTD

Our core values

Exel Contracts Limited is committed to upholding our seven core values in every project that we undertake. We keep these values in mind so that we consistently conduct ourselves in a professional, ethical and legal manner. These values are:

  • We conduct ourselves and all our activities in a fair and honest way.
  • We always work professionally and as a team.
  • We treat each other, and anyone we work alongside, with respect and dignity.
  • We are always punctual and committed to meeting deadlines.
  • We are responsible for our actions and accountable for their consequences.
  • We have an environment that enables and supports effective communication.
  • We continuously develop safe systems of working to ensure minimal risk.

Don't just take our word for it

"I have always found that Exel Contracts respond quickly to my requests for work to be done and the work is completed to a high standard. If for any reason there is a problem, it is rectified with equal speed and care."

Sue Tarbard

Facilities Manager

"I deal with a very demanding 24/7 banking chain in the City of London. When I require an emergency specialist contractor or bespoke materials, Exel Contracts respond immediately and in a highly professional manner. To them, a client's emergency is treated as their emergency and swiftly acted upon."

Peter Gilbert

Fabric Manager

"To find a contractor who is willing to tackle not just the straightforward jobs but take on those fiddly, awkward ones can be a real challenge. Exel Contracts are always prepared to make that extra bit of effort and having them onboard can often make my job a whole lot easier to do."

Guy Reeves

Fabric Manager

"Exel Contracts always make the impossible happen, regardless of tight deadlines and as we are artistic company we change our minds about what is required frequently, however Exel Contracts always rise to the challenge with expert advice as well as getting the job done efficiently."

Carl Yemoh

Office Manager